Herbert Foundation – site

The site that houses the buildings of Herbert Foundation is situated in an interior area enclosed by the Raas van Gaverestraat at one side and Coupure Links at the other side.

Lawrence Weiner, Many Colored Objects Placed Side by Side to Form a Row of Many Colored Objects, 1979 (Raas van Gaverestraat, 1986)

The buildings situated at the Raas van Gaverestraat 106 and 108, a former frame factory, were acquired and renovated by Anton and Annick Herbert at the beginning of the 1980s.

The premises at Coupure Links is a 19th century hangar renovated by Herbert Foundation in 2011. The hangar was originally owned by ‘Atelier Van den Kerchove’, a company founded in 1825 which specialised in the construction of Corliss steam engines.

Both buildings are connected by a garden that crosses the inner area.