Hanne Darboven - Welttheater

Herbert Foundation - Loods

October 01, 2023 – July 28, 2024

The oeuvre of Hanne Darboven (1941 – 2009) includes numerous series of framed paper sheets which she inscribed with numbers, signs, and words. By devising her own system to calculate dates and calendars, Darboven researches the many facets of the concept of ‘time’. Although her work looks abstract, it operates on both a personal and a worldly scale. Hanne Darboven’s visual language, which develops from the act of calculating and writing, contains references to historical events and events in her own life, and reveals her literary and social interests. The works take on different forms: they are brought together on the wall or translated into editions and publications. The exhibition Hanne Darboven – Welttheater presents a series of key works, including Querschnitt – 74 – 365 à 42 (1974), Welttheater (1979) and Hommage an meinen Vater (1988).

The exhibition is part of a series of focus presentations where works and documents form the basis to elaborate further on the multifaceted oeuvres of the artists in the collection of Annick and Anton Herbert.



Exhibition view of Hanne Darboven – Welttheater at Herbert Foundation – Loods. Image: K. Daem