Time Extended / 1964 – 1978. Part II

Works and Documents from the Herbert Foundation

Herbert Foundation, Ghent

September 17, 2017 – June 03, 2018

As of September 17, 2017, Herbert Foundation presents a revised version of the Time Extended / 1964 – 1978 exhibition that opened in September 2016. In the existing presentation, new accents are placed on the basis of a second selection of works and documents.

The exhibition is characterised by a historical demarcation and has to be seen in the light of the events of May 1968. The major social shifts that occurred throughout these turbulent years all over the world had an important impact on the artistic level as well.
The art world, the artist’s practice and the notion of ‘art’ were subjected to a critical analysis. Exhibitions such as Op Losse Schroeven (1969), When Attitudes Become Form (1969), Sonsbeek buiten de perken (1971), documenta 5 (1972) and the meetings with gallery owners Fernand Spillemaeckers and Konrad Fischer defined the foundations of the collection Annick and Anton Herbert expanded since 1973.

Time Extended / 1964 – 1978. Part II presents a new selection of works by Carl Andre, Sol LeWitt, Robert Barry, On Kawara, Lawrence Weiner, Giovanni Anselmo, Mario Merz, Marcel Broodthaers, Joseph Kosuth and Jan Dibbets. The art works are complemented by a large number of documents: artist books, posters, invitation cards and magazines. The new selection of Archival material does not merely give a framework to the works shown, but offers a fascinating insight into the wider oeuvre of the artists the Herberts followed during the first period of their collection as well.

The title of the exhibition is derived from Dan Graham’s Time Extended / Distance Extended (1969) print. A square grid shows the field of tension between an ever increasing extension of time and distance. Indirectly, the title underlines the way Herbert Foundation is changing course since 2016. Temporary exhibitions make way for long-term presentations that pursue a consolidation of the Collection and Archive. However, these long-term exhibitions do not have a static character but undergo various changes in relation to international loans and events.

Through our discount card, inspired by Mario Merz’s fascination with the mathematical Fibonacci sequence, the exhibition can be visited repeatedly at a gradual decreasing rate. Over and over again, new facets can be discovered in the artist’s oeuvre. And just like the Fibonacci sequence, this is a process without endpoint.

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