30.04.2023, 2:30 PM - 4 PM

Book Launch: Distance Extended / 1979 - 1997

With free guided visit

(Photo: Yuri van der Hoeven)

To celebrate our newest publication Distance Extended / 1979 – 1997. Works and Documents from the Herbert Foundation, we organise two free guided tours through the second part of the eponymous exhibition on Sunday 30 April at 2:30 PM, preceded by an introduction by Laura Hanssens (director of Herbert Foundation).

The guided tours are provided by Zoë Croegaert and Nikolaas Verstraeten, two of our enthusiastic and experienced guides who offered many guided tours to a variety of audiences throughout the entire period of Distance Extended / 1979 – 1997.

Zoë: “Distance Extended Part II reveals one aspect of Herbert Foundation which may be lesser known: the subtle, sleek work of the conceptual artists and minimalists from the 1960s and 1970s have made way for the wild and scintillating oeuvre by a group of artists who were active during the 1980s and the 1990s. A feast for the senses.”

Nikolaas: “In Distance Extended Part II we are not only offered a chance to look at individual works from Anton and Annick Herbert’s point of view, but we can also bear witness to artistic practices and the many different forms in which they could evolve within a model of the art world we have now lost. Practices that moreover obviously (and happily) incorporated each other’s’ work. A portrait by Heimo Zobernig literally invades one of Franz West’s Collages in the second room and a Kippenberger lapdog is hidden together with Zobernig’s stripes in Personale, an art salon with works by different artists bundled in one Franz West.”


  • Language: Dutch (English on request)
  • Duration of the tour: 90 minutes
  • Entrance via Coupure Links 627 A