03.02.2019, 11 am

Visit: Guided tour by Louis De Mey

Photos: Katrien Coupez

On Sunday 3 February at 11 a.m., Herbert Foundation is pleased to invite you for a visit with Louis De Mey. During the guided tour around the exhibition Time Extended / 1964 -1978. Part III, De Mey will focus on the main topics of Time and Space, which will be given central importance during this first period covered by the Collection. The visit will reflect on the research-oriented attitude of the artists towards these abstract concepts and the highly concrete manner in which they each approach them individually. In so doing, the relationship between the work, the exhibition space and the architecture will also be discussed in general.

Louis De Mey graduated in architectural engineering sciences at Ghent University. He has been affiliated to the Architecture and Urbanism Department as an assistant since October 2017, where he is working on a doctorate on representations in the contemporary architectural culture. In addition, he writes critiques on architecture and art for various magazines such as A+, hART, Rekto:Verso and De Witte Raaf and interviewed, among others, John Knight, Nairy Baghramian, James Welling, Richard Deacon and Rita McBride.

Practical details:
The visit can accommodate 30 visitors and will last for 90 minutes. The tour will be held in Dutch. The admission is 15 euro (8 euro for students) and has to be paid in cash at the reception. Please make a reservation beforehand via reservation@herbertfoundation.org.