26.01.2020, 11 a.m.

Visit: Guided tour by Anton Pereira Rodriguez

Photo: Arno Bergmans

On Sunday 26 January at 11 a.m., Herbert Foundation kindly invites you for a guided tour by Anton Pereira Rodriguez.

During this Visit, Anton Pereira Rodriguez offers the visitors a guided tour through the works by Didier Vermeiren, Thomas Schütte and Jan Vercruysse, whose works are presented on the ground floor of the exhibition Distance Extended / 1979-1997 and whose work constitutes an important part of the Herbert Foundation collection.

From the end of the 1970s onwards, Vermeiren, Schütte and Vercruysse each examined the legacy of Minimal and Conceptual Art in an idiosyncratic manner. Throughout their work, different themes as materiality, (art) history, memory and the place of both the art work and the artist have been elaborated in a different manner. The placement of the works plays a crucial role in the oeuvre of these three artists as well. During this Visit, the relationship the works have with the exhibition space and the architecture will thus also be reflected on.

Anton Pereira Rodriguez is an assistant at the Art, Music and Theatre Sciences Department and the Architecture and Urbanism Department at Ghent University. He is currently working on a doctorate on the artistic and institutional exchanges between the Italian and Belgian art scene during the 1980s and the 1990s, with a strong focus on the artist Jan Vercruysse.

The visit can accommodate 30 visitors and will last for 90 minutes. The tour will be held in Dutch. The admission is 15 euro (8 euro for students) and has to be paid in cash at the reception. Please make a reservation beforehand via reservation@herbertfoundation.org.