04.10.2015 - 2pm

Talk: Lecture by Pascal Gielen

M. Broodthaers, Double page for Galerie M. Werner in the catalogue Kölner Kunst Markt 1971

Institutional critique today

Within the framework of the Marcel Broodthaers exhibition ‘Carte du monde poétique’, Herbert Foundation is pleased to invite you on Sunday 4 October
at 2 pm for a Talk with Pascal Gielen.

In this Talk, the aspect of institutional critique, which is a central theme in the oeuvre of Marcel Broodthaers, will be discussed from the perspective of our contemporary society.

The social and institutional context of the art world nowadays differs quite significantly from the one in the 1960s. This entails that the institutional critique of contemporary artists is useless when the ‘classical’ tactics of the 1960s would be maintained. Based on recent publications Institutional Attitudes and Repressive Liberalism Gielen will address the changing relationship between art, politics and institutions. What could the artist learn from the institutional critique of the 60s, and what has to change fundamentally?

Pascal Gielen is, as professor sociology of art and cultural policy, closely linked to the research centre Arts in Society (University of Groningen) and to the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (University of Antwerp). His research focuses on the social context of creative labour and art. Gielen is also editor-in-chief of the international series of books Arts in Society and published more then twenty books on art, cultural heritage and cultural policy.